Mr Hybrid

SK Automotive Engineers

Unit 1

Golden Hill Park


Isle of Wight


PO40 9UJ


01983 752880




We keep our equipment clean and well-maintained. All our hoists are the very latest design to allow better access. It's easy to see how we've attracted the very best Technicians – if you were one of the best Techs on the Island, wouldn't you want to work here?


One of the primary reasons cars often don't get fixed correctly first time is poor communication with the customer. The Service Advisor doesn't take enough time to get the facts straight on what the customer really needs.


Our experienced Service Advisors are specially trained to get the information we need to get the job completed first time. We also utilize our own specially developed questionnaires when appropriate. If you have a strange noise, a professional Technician will take a ride with you to be certain we're all on the same page before the work commences.


We're all qualified and highly-skilled with a wealth of experience from main dealers, motor-sport and our own ‘special projects’. Our mechanics are all Qualified Master Technicians who undergo constant training to ensure that they are always up-to-date with the very latest technologies in service and repair. We follow recommended repair procedures and perform our own additional quality control steps to be certain the repair is right. Our work reflects the extreme pride in workmanship that you would expect from a nationally recognised, quality service centre.


We have the very latest service equipment and the training to use it properly. This ensures a proper repair the first time and can save considerable time and money compared to many garages who seem to 'replace parts until its fixed'.


We're far more interested in keeping cars from breaking than we are in fixing broken cars. 

The majority of breakdowns can easily be prevented by following the manufacturer's required maintenance schedule and having a qualified Technician perform a checkup when the oil is changed in between these maintenance routines.


We'll gladly review your maintenance schedule with you on every service visit and let you know what's 'past due', what is 'currently due' and even more importantly, what is 'coming due' next time. This allows you to budget the time and money for future services.


You don't have to know anything about a car, that's our job. 

All you have to do is show up and we'll help you from there. Scheduled maintenance saves money and protects your investment. It also helps ensure that your car will start when you really need it to. It's a proven fact that well-maintained cars require 47% fewer repairs!


We're qualified to perform all the required maintenance on your car, even if it's brand new and still under warranty.


We not only use the manufacturer recommended procedures, we also use Genuine equipment parts and fluids considerably cheaper than a main dealer. We don't just fix cars, we build relationships!


We use parts every day and, believe us, we know all about junk parts. Nothing makes the fine craftsman look worse than cheap parts. All our parts have at least 12-months warranty and are all OE specification, but we have access to many different suppliers so we will always supply you the best quality / value for money depending on your budget.

In some cases the manufacturers parts aren't as good as some of the aftermarket parts. We've learned the hard way all about this. You benefit from our vast experience.


We also sell tyres. Any brand you want. We can fit Run-Flat tyres up to 22-inch rims and TPMS enabled.


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